After you have connected Voma to your Stripe account, and created your first product in Stripe, then you can create a payment page! 🎉

Create a payment page in Voma with three simple steps:

  • Set up your product and pricing

  • Add a logo and headline

  • Create an automation

1. Set up your product and pricing

On the Product and Pricing tab, you will configure these basic details about your payment page:

  • Name

  • URL (i.e.

  • Thank you Page URL

  • Product

  • Price

  • Product Image

➡️ Learn more about product and pricing options in this guide.

2. Add a logo and headline

On the Appearance tab, upload your company's logo and then add a custom headline/description to the page:

You'll see a live preview of your payment page on the right side of the screen as you're making changes.

➡️ Learn more about appearance and customization options in this guide.

3. Create an automation

Voma supports a variety of triggers and actions for your payment pages, depending on your payment page settings and which email platform (and/or Zapier) you have integrated with Voma.

Please visit the following guides for a list of the available triggers and actions for your platform:

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