An upsell is an offer that will be immediately visible to people after they submit your payment page.

This means that everyone who views your upsell will have purchased the main product you are selling on the payment page, and possibly also purchased your order bump if you have an order bump enabled.

Create an upsell in Voma

First, go to the Upsells page in your account and click New Upsell:

On the next screen, enter your upsell details:

1. Upsell Label

Enter an internal name for this upsell - only you will see this name, not your customers. We'll name this My Upsell.

2. Product

In the drop-down, select the Stripe product that you will be selling on this page.

3. Payment Type

Select One-time charge because this will be a single payment of $99.

➡️ Visit our guide for details about how to create a subscription upsell.

4. Price

Enter the price of the product - $99 in this example.

Then click Save:

Add the upsell to your Voma payment page

Once you have created the upsell, you can attach it to one or more payment pages.

Go to your payment page, and click on the Upsell tab.

There are four important fields on this page:

1. Upsell

This is the name of the upsell that you created in the previous section.

2. Upsell URL

This is the URL of a custom page that you need to create (outside of Voma) that will display the upsell. After someone submits your Voma payment page, Voma will automatically redirect them to this URL.

This is the link you need to add to your Upsell URL page for people to click on if they want to purchase the upsell.

This is the link you need to add to your Upsell URL page for people to click on if they do not want to purchase the upsell.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is very important that both of these links are displayed above the fold on your upsell URL. We reserve the right to disable your Voma payment page and/or your Voma account if you do not place both the "Yes" and "No" links above the fold on your upsell page.

Click Save.

Create your upsell page (outside of Voma)

The upsell page is where people will be redirected to after they submit your Voma payment page.

This page should contain content that describes what the upsell is, and display two links that give people an option to purchase the upsell or skip the upsell.

Here's a very simple example of what that could look like:

This page needs to be created on your own website platform, not in Voma.

Then in your upsell settings for your payment page, you will link to this upsell page as described in the section above.

Here is sample code that was used to create the simple upsell page example above:

<!DOCTYPE html>

<html lang="en">
<meta charset="utf-8">
<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge">
<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">


<h1>Are you interested in purchasing this upsell for $99?</h1>
Lorem ipsum
<a href="">Click here to purchase the upsell for $99.</a>
<a href="">No thanks, I'm not interested.</a>

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