When you initially create a Voma account, you select an account prefix ("slug") that will be used to generate the URLs for your payment pages and customer portal:

For example, your account prefix might be mybusinessname, which means that your payment pages would be accessible at https://mybusinessname.vomapay.com/payment-page-path.

And your customer portal would be accessible at https://mybusinessname.vomapay.com/update.

Custom URLs provide the capability to change those URLs to a subdomain that you own.

For example, https://go.mybusiness.com/payment-page-path or https://go.mybusiness.com/update.

Keep reading to get started with using a custom domain!

1. Add a custom domain to your account

Go to the Settings page in your account, and enter the URL of your custom domain here:

In this example, the custom domain is https://go.example.com.

2. Update your DNS settings

In order for the custom URL to work (e.g., https://go.example.com), you will need to set up the CNAME record for your subdomain in your DNS settings, with the CNAME pointing to ssl.vomapay.com:

Here are guides for setting up CNAME records on some of the most popular platforms:

If yours isn't listed above, please contact our team and we're happy to help.

3. Test your custom domain

Now that your custom domain has been added to Voma and you have pointed your CNAME to ssl.vomapay.com, you can test to verify that your custom domain is working as expected.

Again, this example uses https://go.example.com as your custom domain. Please replace https://go.example.com with the actual custom domain that you are using. 🙂

In your browser, open https://go.example.com/update in a new tab. This may time out after a few seconds, in which case you just need to wait for 10-15 seconds and try again.

This will open the customer portal for your Voma account.

If the customer portal is visible through your custom domain...

... then your custom domain is working and you can use it when linking to your payment pages and customer portal. 💯

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