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Integrate ConvertKit and Voma

Integrate ConvertKit and Voma

When you integrate ConvertKit with your Voma account, you can set up automations for ConvertKit in your payment page(s).

Automations support the following triggers and actions:


When someone purchases the main product

When someone purchases the order bump

When someone purchases the upsell

When someone cancels their subscription for the main product, if the main product is a subscription

When someone cancels their subscription for the order bump, if the order bump is a subscription

When someone cancels their subscription for the upsell, if the upsell is a subscription


Add a tag

Remove a tag

Add to sequence

GDPR automations

If you have integrated Voma with ConvertKit and enabled the GDPR checkbox on your payment page, Voma will automatically apply tags to subscribers in ConvertKit in some cases:

If someone checks the GDPR checkbox when submitting the payment page, add "Voma - GDPR consent" tag to ConvertKit

If someone is in EU when submitting the payment page, add "Voma - Customer in EU" tag to ConvertKit

Where to find your ConvertKit API URL and Key

Please visit the Advanced section of your account settings page in your ConvertKit account, and copy the API Key and API Secret:

How to integrate with ConvertKit

Navigate to the Integrations page in your account, and click on New Integration:

Click ConvertKit:

Paste your API Key and API Secret from your ConvertKit account and click Add:

Once you have integrated with ConvertKit, you will see the integration on the Integrations page:

The next step is to create a payment page and add automations for ConvertKit to your payment page.

If you have any questions, please let us know at or in our live chat at the bottom right of your screen

Updated on: 13/05/2022

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