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How to use Discount Codes with Voma

How to use Discount Codes with Voma

Voma makes it easy to offer discounts with our integrated Discount Codes.

Create a Discount Code

Open the Discount Codes section and select New Discount Code:

Complete the following fields to create your discount code:

Name - This is the internal name that will help you identify the discount code
Discount code - This is the discount code that your customers will use
Discount Type - Choose between a fixed amount or a percentage based discount for this discount code
Amount - Choose the value of the fixed amount or percentage discount for this discount code
Start and End date - Choose when the discount code should become active and when to expire
Limit options - If you want to limit the number of discount codes, toggle Limited to On and then add a quantity in the Use Limit field

By default, a new discount code will apply globally to all your products and payment pages. If you want to limit the discount code to only apply to specific products or payment pages, toggle Global to Off and choose between Products or Payment Pages:

If you select Products, you'll be able to choose one or more of your existing products where the discount code can be used:

Or if you select Payment Pages, you can choose one or more of your payment pages where this discount code can be used:

Using Discount Codes for subscription products

When creating a discount code that will be used with subscription products, you can choose to:

Apply the discount to only the first payment cycle of the subscription


Apply the discount to all payments in the subscription

Pre-apply a discount code to a Payment Page

You can choose to pre-apply a discount code to a payment page by adding the following to the payment page URL:


As an example, if your payment page URL is: and your discount code is FIFTY, the URL you'll use will be:

You can then send your clients directly to this URL with the discount code where the discount will automatically be applied:

If you have any questions, please let us know at or in our live chat at the bottom right of your screen

Updated on: 03/05/2022

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