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Add an order bump

Add an order bump

An order bump is a secondary, complementary offer that can be displayed on your main payment page in addition to the main product that is being sold.

In this example, our main product is $97 (top left), and the order bump is $15 (middle right):

How to add an order bump to your payment page

In the 'Product & Pricing' section of your payment page settings, there is a section for adding an Order Bump:

Let's look at these options in more detail:

1. Product
In the drop-down, select the Stripe product that you will be selling on this page. Awesome Product in this example.

2. Payment Type
Select One-time charge or Subscription. In this example, the order bump is a one-time charge.

3. Price
Enter the price for the order bump. In this example, the order bump is $15.

4. Order Bump Image
Upload an image for the order bump.

6. Title, Offer Name, and Description
Update the title, offer name, and description.

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Updated on: 13/05/2022

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